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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weird blogs, a recommendation

The following are the weird blogs containing parody or spoof of celebrities, occasion, products, sports and so on recommended for you. They are almost similar to each other, but only different in design. All use free blog provider. Check out the silly contents there.

1.  Entertainment is weird

Celebrity spoof coverage: It is reported that Emma Watson once traveled to Uganda, exploring the dessert for a hidden treasure, accompanied by a monkey. It is due to her dropout that she decided to do unusual thing far far away in Africa. Is it weird? What a parody! Next, Tiger Woods, tired of playing golf he decides to make money with Google Adsense. Unfortunately, he doesn't include sport on this blog; instead he writes a lot of content about dolls for toddlers.

2. Once Upon a Time

The things that need to be done besides advertising promotions are as follows:

1. When shaking hands with a man you first meet. say, "if you have a case that I can handle?"
2. When the person is asking about you, say that you are not selling something but offering something
3. When the person has a problem with his marriage life say that you are not the angel of savior, you are just an ordinary person who wants to help others. 

The passage above quoted from this weird blog talking about lawyer advertisement. Just don't believe such a parody.

It's out of context that bananas will help Britney improve her voice and it is absurd to say it is good as supper after any concert she has had. But it is so amazng to know the fact that people hate Britney. Off course, there's nothing extraordianary about it. There people love you, and there people who don't. Another weird one, it's a blog about celebritiy parody, something to tickle your fancy or funny bone.

Remember when Lindsey was in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe? it's not necessary that you pretended to be her fans just to take her picture as paparazzi. I was not there to cover the news either and put down some spoof here. Let the world laugh, that'll be best if there's something funny to share with, even though none of them making jokes out of life. It's not wrong to credit a weird blog for For Parody Only, don't you think?

Now, It's odd or no, you decide. If you have anything elase to share here, or another different point of view based on your own opinion, please comment below. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turn 30 with Britney Spears?

Visitors of a tickling blog won’t say happy birthday to pop star Britney Spears because she is not in pigtails and knee socks anymore? What a tickling entry! This one might be catchy for those who plan to hire a comedy writer for their own writing project.

While the visitors here can’t deny that a former child performer, Spears shot to international fame with 1999 debut album, “Baby One More Time, you may want to sing that song while having problem with your baby’s diaper.

Britney Spears will turn 30. Britney Spears: I can't wait to turn 30. Britney Spears Excited About Turning 30. Britney Spears Says She's Excited to Turn 30. News spread rapidly on the Internet.

“I have a good group of people around me,” Britney said to the Associated Press regarding her comforting feeling to welcome her first thirties. She doesn’t have anything to prove that she is free from debt and having something to do with a loan shark.

“Loan shark communities were not in London with her to promote her UK gigs, which include tour in October at London’s 02 Arena,” her fan said to me.

“So where are those bastards who have stolen all of your belongings?” I asked him. Better skip this because we are not talking about Johnny Debt who never wants to borrow money from Johnny Depp. We are focusing on someone turning 30 and she happens to be one of the famous celebrities on earth.

And for all guys on earth turning 30 this year, please remember to sing a happy a birthday’s song even if you are in terrible debt. Instead of worrying about 2012’s predicted calamity, better listen to a different lyric of Michael Jackson’s song: You’re not alone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Loan shark for hire

Loan shark for hire; it’s a comedy project. He or she is to write about a person or body that offers unsecured loans at illegally high interest rates to individuals, often enforcing repayment by blackmail or threats of violence.

Or he or she may also write about a person who lends money at excessively high rates of interest; usurer.

After the  project mentioned above  has been done. He or she may continue to write about a person or entity that charges borrowers interest above an established legal rate.Do you think this kind of person is a corrrupter?

Okay, writing is not enough. He or she may narrate this: Usury and money lending, usually at relatively high rates of interest. They typically offer short term loans to people who are not able to obtain credit through conventional means such as banks, credit unions, or other consumer finance companies. Nothing such as plastic surgery to be included here.

You bet, if all loan sharks all over the world turn down these projects, that’s fine. They won’t be included in the next big project with bigger money: Shark hunting!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Johnny Depp, Johnny Depth and Johnny Debt

The story of the dark side of Johnny Depp as you have never known before; the story which is full of tragedy, horror and tricks. You will know who Johnny Depp really is.

Interested? I’m not. Don’t worry Mr. Deep, when it comes to talking evil of others better skip it. There’s nothing on this post that you can find about you as sensational as written above.

May be only a headline like: Johnny Depp Offers Nicolas Cage Debt Help, Johnny Depp to Pay Nicolas Cage's Debt or Is Johnny Depp Helping Nicolas Cage With His Debt? But a sort of thing is not revealed here.

I know about you sir that, Johnny Depp rose to stardom without the support of Johnny Depth, so there’s no silly story ever revealed that Johnny Depp has taken advantage of Johnny Depth for popularity.

Meanwhile Johnny Depth, deep in his heart says he never wishes to replace Johnny Depp’ s position as a well-known Hollywood celebrity. It’s impossible. And deep down in his sleep, he never wishes to dream of having Johnny Deep as sibling and tells him that they are twins.

Both Johnny Depp and Johnny Depth never see Johnny Debt to talk about debt. They don’t care about how hard Johnny Debt gets himself out of debt. It never occurred to them that Johnny Debt will come to them to borrow some money.

The three Johnnys written above have something in common, that is when it comes to speaking Arabic fluently they need a dictionary.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eminem and Dangdut Song

Is Eminem one of the hip-hop stars? Eminem uses all types of four-letter words and adult topics in his music, and never sings dangdut song, let alone with the Indonesian King of Dangdut, Rhoma Irama. Music is part of his life and Rhoma Irama.thinks that way too.

But, world, do you know who Rhoma Irama is? Pay a visit to Indonesia, but sorry--it's rampant, prone to corruption all over the regions today.

In a preview released Friday (October 8) from his upcoming interview with a blogger, Em describes his household as a swearing-free zone but it is free from Dangdut song!

"I'm a parent; I have daughters. It's okay, if they want to sing with me all the time, but not dangdut. I'm afraid they wont' forget where they belong to and dance anytime they want, even on the street," Em told tickling blogger, Mr. Trilili.

"I'm not saying there's no tolerant in the music, there's much different between Rap and Dangdut," Em explained. "But this is music, this is my art and this is what I do."

Em has tried to create any tickling songs but we don't know yet, when they will be released, and of course, no dangdut singers all over Indonesia know abut it.

"Desire still exists, but I don't think it's fun to sing something you don't like to sing, you know, bringing the new atmosphere to the world is fun with rap, not with dangdut" he told the Anythingyousay Times in June.

"There was so much fun in the world, including writing parody."

Hmm, who said the latter? Who said all?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do you believe in fortune telling; the tickling one?

A blogger is visiting Madame Sonia, a famous fortune teller. He’s very concerned about his future and Madame Sonia is telling him what is going to happen next week. According to Madame Sonia, next week is going to be a very interesting moment in his life.

On Monday, a new viewer is going to share on his blog and get entertained
On Tuesday, another new viewer is going to be on his blog also but only give a wry smile
On Wednesday, more and more new viewers are going to join and join and join on his blog
On Thursday, a hundred of new viewers are going to have themselves tickled on his blog
On Friday, thousands of new viewers are going to watch video together and have fun on his blog
On Saturday, millions of new viewers are going to tell others that they are happy because they’ve found the solution of their stress on his blog.
On Sunday, the whole world is going to officially declare that this blog is made to tickle everybody’s fancy

According to Madame Sonia, a lot is certainly going to happen in the blogger’s life next week. And he has to believe all of this.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cinderella not to be tickled

Once upon a time, a blogger was invited to a party by a prince who was expecting a wife to-be. Since none of the present girls were appealed to him, he became frustrated.
On knowing this the blogger recommended a crazy idea to the prince, “Your honor, why don’t you advertise a soul mate for you in my blog?”
He didn’t respond. Puzzled and being in a bad mood, the prince left.

The blogger kept wondering; why the prince seemed not to be attracted to the beauties around. Whereas the angels had been already available and ready to choose.

It was getting late. The clock on the wall showed it was 11:45. The prince and the king, unbelievable, had already gone to bed. The blogger was the only man in the party now. It was like heaven, don’t you think?

To his excitement, while sitting in the verandah, he found this gorgeous one in the front yard, dressed elegantly, smiling at him. The most beautiful out of the rest, he might guess.
“Does Cinderella really exist?” he asked himself. Right away he ran after the girl leaving the rest with questions. The girl seemed to tease him and kept running. How come; he felt as if being tickled?

“Hey Cinderella, wait …,” he demanded.
Finally she stopped. He asked her to sit with him under the full moon in an open space. Several minutes passed, nobody talked.

Then the blog tried to open a conversation, “We’ve been long here but you seem not to be in a mood to say a word! What are you attracted to; the scientific, electronics, the arts and literature? Are you the one who doesn’t pay attention, yet notices everything? May I know the man of your dreams? Is he the one rich in talent, ideas and achievement?”

The girl only giggled.

“Hey, say something, I know you have grown up in the era of the ubiquitous @symbol. But aren’t you interested in blogging? Are you familiar with Google, the internet search engine? Or have you already had an adbrite account to monetize your website? What the hell am I talking about? Great, sometimes we forget just how far this revolutionary technology has taken us already, right?”

“Thanks,” said the girl.
“For what?”
“Taking me home.”

The blogger looked round, but found no home. He was there alone in the compound of a cemetery.

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