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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Diamond Is Better Than Pearl? You Bet!

I really get upset, therefore I create this post. I cannot tickle your fancy today, because I am in a bad mood. "Which is better, diamond or pearl?" That's what she asked me about jewelry that I gave her, Gold didn't work well to please somebody--your honey, how come?

Now, I just want to travel to New Zealand--someone just offered me a package tour there and I must forget this girl. Wow! Is that too much? You know, I get bored and scared travelling to Bali and did you know some haunted sites there? Do you a site like Muaya Beach? Nobody will ask you a stupid question, "which is better, diamond or pearl?" or does Bali has such beautiful gems? as what she said in sorrow, That's too bad! Muaya Beach is famous for its beautiful white sand, gentle waves and… doll vampires (Jenglot) washed up on the shores. You know, Jenglot are dangerous beasts that resemble a tiny human being – only that they drink blood and can control the actions of their victims, including murder.
which is better, diamond or pearl?
Well, anyway, how to refrain from this anger? I cannot enjoy reading my own tickle your fancy articles here. All those celebrity stories are out of date. And a question of which is better, diamond or pearl is not in their list when it comes to propose a girl. But maybe so. Well, just cannot think clear about it.

Perhaps I won't be able to sleep well tonight. Long time ago I had a lot of things in mind and kept thinking about her all the time. That's one of the problems of insomnia. The first stage when someone thinks that he cannot have good sleep, he really can't sleep. So how about some hypnosis to help you to cope with it? It'started from a stupid thing, an argument about which is better, diamond or pearl? I just cannot refrain from distress. I think perhaps I should fast as my Muslim fellows do in Ramadan month. But, I'm hungry now, cannot do it even for one day.

Okay, I wrote on this blog: There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from being bored, at home, online, anywhere. One is visit this tickle your fancy blog over and over again and get entertained here for free. One for example of one tickling article, you never believe tickling news talking about hatred between Obama and Clint Eastwood. You see every where the media write: President Obama is still a fan of Clint Eastwood. and blah .. blah ... blah ... Well, this is out of date, anyway.And you know, I am not supposed to repeat such a same silly story just to keep away from a question of: which is better, diamond or pearl? She really hurt me.

But, time flies so fast, why should I do? It's getting dark on this beach and that mermaid has long gone out of my mind.

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