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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Starting A Business? Get Inspired Here!

Thinking about different things to start a business? Get inspired! First, focus on your plan. Don't underestimate it. Things can be a real roller coaster ahead. While you should be in the right place with all of your ideas now, instead, you get stuck in the past--that's too bad. This can happen to anybody who hate taking the time to write out their business plan. No forecasts. No marketing strategy. So how to build an effective way to hone your vision?

He starts his business by learning how to walk, awesome!
The marketplace and your business plan are living entities; they’re continually in flux. It's a good idea with you trying different things to start a business. Looking for more and more inspiration, that's great. As for me, the first thing that I do, I'll be showing off. With all the skills that I have, the Internet should make me one of the savvy people specific businesses crazily look for. You need to go to Exhibits, Etc if you don't think you can exhibit your products the way I do. They pride themselves in their outstanding customer service and product quality. For over 30 years Exhibits Etc and its family of companies has been your one source for trade show displays, light boxes, graphics and accessories.

The different things that I do when starting a business maybe the same as what other people think. First, use your brain, maximize it, think about research, survey, trial, evaluation or dance if you're tired thinking. Dance? Why not? But make sure you do it sincerely after you have learned from the link I put above and get inspired.

Thank you for visiting this tickling fancy blog and I hope you get the to starting a new business.

Memory Of High School: Did Music Kill You Softly?

Remember when you hated to get involved in a student brawl at High School? That's a nice attitude. It's not because you agreed with your classmates calling you chicken, but rather, you had more advanced thought than anyone else at school. You turned out to be a real hero.

Did you see the man taking my trumpet?
A hero fights only for his honor. It's defensive. And instead of looking for trouble, creativity that's the best thing you you would like to show off, right? By the way, do you still remember about what you're fond of? What else if not music! Rock and roll, pop, jazz or ... classical? Off course, young bloods need dynamic rhythm. And I believe you didn't play much any instruments used in most classical music which were largely invented before the mid-19th century, right? That's when the Beatles or Elvis Presley reigned supreme. But if that's nothing wrong for your young soul to search for harmony in life, that's just fine .

The guitar might be the best memory of high school, then the piano, how about harpsichord, and organ? And some other else like string, woodwind, brass, and percussion families? You bet, they should be best being listened to here at best oldies. It's nostalgic!You've got those popular singers singing your favorite songs, just like when you were on the way to maturity. And what else that you remember? Some concert band killed you softly? But you're still alive up to now and miss that moment, right? Thanks God, oldie goldies never die.

Now, ladies and gentlemen ... Attention please! I have just built a bridge for you to get your best oldies through this tickle fancy blog. Find it out. Have a happy journey!

Another Disney World Recommended For You?

My recent trip with the kids to Disney World was just great. But we didn't explore five golf courses there as I had expected. Kids were too tired. The four 18-hole golf courses are the Palm (4½ Stars), the Magnolia (4 Stars), Lake Buena Vista (4 Stars) and Osprey Ridge (4½ Stars) were so greeeen--I'd been thinking of ''flying" jogging. The Magnolia and Palm courses play home to the PGA Tour's Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic off course, made kids happy.
Can't wait for the lake to give ms fish!

Catch-and-release fishing excursions are offered daily on the resort's lakes. But unfortunately, the kids don't like fishing. That summer day I was thinking about recreational activities including watercraft rentals, surrey bike rentals, and firework cruises that launch from several resort marinas. But, seemingly the kids were impressed mostly by kinds of attractions and architectures and preferred to be on land. 

I am not sure which one is better between what we saw there with this new Orlando townhomes Have you heard of it? This one located in Lake Mary, which was rated #4 on Money Magazines Best Places to Live, Grande Oaks is conveniently located by Colonial TownPark shopping center.

Just as what they think, I believe beautiful and thriving Lake Mary is quickly becoming an area of high interest in the Orlando real estate market. Perhaps I should discuss it with my family when to move to Grande Oaks at Heathrow. But this is our problem, my wife has been trapped by a loan shark's trick and the kids are still there in their hideout.

Is it true? No way, kidding! Just learning how to tickle your fancy.Just check out my recommendation and have a cozy environment there, okay?

Read This Before You Decide To Make A Living As A Writer

Making A Living As A Writer? Cool, but how to?

First, what do you know about writing? When I was at high school, I hated short stories or novels. I thought it's only women having an extreme hobby of reading, especially fiction. Men should be masculine, must have better hobby than that. Charismatic figures fancied me.So I never thought of making a living as a writer.I wanted to be a movie star. I wanted to look handsome, having a deep voice and getting taller and taller.

Work from home, No jostle on the train!
But now, in my middle age,162 centimeters tall of height, skinny and humorously "charismatic", I am proud of being myself, being the one to get paid to write anything I like. I start to know now how to make a living as a writer through 4 years of blogging experience, especially through this tickle fancy blog. I think it's just transferring what you have in mind into script and not necessarily you should be an actor, but more than that, you're the director yourself. Maybe you never thought you could get paid writing from the comfort of your house. I had questioned this the first time I knew the Internet, and you might have it too.

But later on you find: Why “Copywriting 2.0” is in HUGE DEMAND by U.S. businesses that will be pumping $47.7 BILLION into a market that can’t survive without it in the coming year… It's so irresistible! This might be a reason, why more and more people think about how to gradually leave their office routine and finally be a full-time freelancer. So the answer of How To Making A Living As A Writer is a bit revealed.

That's only one good news. Soon, you're getting familiar with An Endless Stream of Assignments! To Make A Living As A Writer is better than to start a career as a loan shark, right, Lol!

Freelance Job's Done, Writer Is Picnicking!

Sorry everyone, don't envy me. My family and I are on picnic now. It's the time to relax after a series of long tiring day but fun, writing. There's a wealth of wonderful things for families to discover and enjoy while exploring Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall. But we are not there, even though some references on the Internet suggest that we spend the time to this best picnic place in the world. We just let the kids hunt for bugs and beasts or just lay out a blanket and lie in the sun. Where is it? It's not too important!

The point is how you can be like me, working from home only and manage so many freelancer writer jobs and you call it satisfaction, because it's fun and addicting--it might be one of your interests. Don't you agree with me, writing is such a nice thing to do to make a living from the comfort of your house, right?

Sorry, I need to meet the deadline, family can't wait for picnic
Sure it is, unless you have any other skills you can count on, like designing or programming, that will be a plus. So, thanks to the Internet, we, writers, are blessed by global markets and freelance jobs are on great demand now.

By the way, I've been thinking about a unique competition among us writers. Let me put this way: who can spend the longest time in picnic place while job's waiting at home, that's the winner, okay? What?! Not interested? Oh, come on, don't let more and more people envy us!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sis! No Fat Bulges Anymore!

happy birthday
Happy birthday, sis, no fat bulges anymore!
First, rid of your fear, that even after wishing a happy birthday to your older sister, she will still bully you again. Forget about that wildly childish behavior. Think about being a savior; give something to please her in her special day. It's not the right time to give her Barbie doll as you know she's stubborn to diet and exercise.And besides you cannot just yell at her, "Stop being glutton!"

Instead, go whisper to her ear, say this magic keyword to her current problem when she's online: Coolsculpting Fort Lauderdale. First, she just stands there in awe. But you bet, next she might run to the mirror and say, "Mirror, mirror and the wall, will there be a prince come to me and give me a solution to my fat problem?"

It's not really like that. But, you know the point, right? No matter what form of package you are going to present to her, just make sure that she understands your words. For this, you don't have to convince her that her body will naturally and permanently eliminate the fat cells over a period of 3 months.

Just sing, Happy Birthday, and she'll find the solution to her problem, agreed? 

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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