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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Find Your Ideal Partner: 3 Unique Steps

Girls, are you still single? Looking for an ideal partner? Find these 3 funny steps to make your wish come true. But Just make sure such a creature actually exists. For the hopelessly single, finding the ideal mate seems like a daunting, impossible task.

  1. An ideal partner should have a sense of humor! Find one when you are there in a Stand-up Comedy club. The one to easily tickle you to laughter that's the best.
  2. Make sure he is a non-defensive one. After tired of laughing you will find the fact the life is not only for fun. When he is in the bad mood, say, "that's fine, next time you'll find another topic to make the world laugh"
  3. The man has grown up and you wish comes true, right. He'll say he loves you so much for your faithfulness.

How about that? Still thinking: for the hopelessly single, finding the ideal mate seems like a daunting, impossible task? This doesn't sound like: How to Find Your Ideal Partner, but rather: how to let yourself down for hoping too much, right? Okay forget about it. I'll introduce you someone you might think he is attractive.

how to find your ideal partner
Look, here is his photo, handsome, right?
This one offers romance. He is creative, ingenious, original, resourceful, innovative, imaginative, inspired, artistic, and inventive. He broods a lot. He is steady, stable, firm, sturdy, secure, balanced and slow. He’ll want you to be ultra feminine.There is nothing half way about this man. He is something of a saint. He needs to find his security blanket, coverlet, cover, mantle, layer and bedspread. He is in love with love.

The man of your dream! He wants a few simple things out of life, like to be a comedian or a carpenter. He wears a mask. He is proud, sometimes arrogant, conceited, self-important, pompous, self-righteous and overconfident. He says, how to find your ideal partner? All the criteria is in me! You bet! He is commanding, strong, powerful, superior, imposing, and authoritative. But, how come, he is also shy, aloof, nervous and serious? He is a perfect gentleman!

Oh, one more thing, his favorite song is too much wish will kill you!

Thank you for visiting this tickle fancy blog, How to Find Your Ideal Partner: 3 Unique Steps is an updated post written 4 years ago. Stay tune for more jokes!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 Funny Tips About Keeping Up Long Distance Relationship?

How to keep up a long distance relationship with your partner? These 5 funny tips are not for you take seriously. Before you read the tips, better call her and expand the topics of the conversation if you think so far you and your partner get boring chats. Make her curious, tell her a funny story and then change the subject in the middle of the story If there's no more interactive topic, you may go window shopping and forget her for a while.

Hopefully after reading this post, you are still in your decision that you want to keep up a long relationship with your partner. I'm afraid you will change your mind. Unfortunately these tips only for girls. Check it out!

1. Don't splash oil onto his face while he's combing his curly short hair. It is not the time to tickle his fancy.

how to keep up long distance relationship2. Don't grumble when he is snoring. It is unwise to ask him to have anti-snoring surgery. Enjoy his snore as if you are enjoying your favorite music. It is one of the ways to cope with stress, isn't it?

3. Don’t laugh at him while he’s trying to strangle the truck driver laughing at him after hailing you guys some spoiled eggs on the street. Doing so won't keep up your long distance relationship with anybody you want to reconcile.

4. Don’t say that you are unskilled and uninterested in housework when he asks you to keep his cottage all alone while he’s away on vacation for several months. If you have talent, write some funny writings about his home and report them to him later.

5. Don’t ever ask him about his debt when he’s brokenhearted. Better ask him to buy you a cluster in Orlando townhomes.

So, how to keep up a long distance relationship with your partner? Since those debt collectors still can find his hideout, you'd better ask him run away from this town, okay?

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