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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kid Friendly Restaurants in London

By Alice Jerusha

London, England is one of the most popular cities in the world when it comes to the sights, history, entertainment and especially the food! With such a large range of different cultures and tastes all combined into one area it's difficult to choose a favourite. If you are in search for a location the entire family can enjoy, here are a few well rated kid friendly restaurants in London.

-Planet Hollywood-

Located on Haymarket, come see all the fun décor straight from the sets of your favorite movies! Offering a wide variety of foods with American favorites such as hamburgers, chicken wings and even Italian and Asian cuisine. This restaurant also offers children's favorite dishes from their own kid menu. Past visitors express how the atmosphere is fun and enjoyable as well as how friendly and professional the staffs are. There is usually music playing in the background, so most often any commotion from little ones is unnoticed since there is an excitement and buzz throughout the entire restaurant.

Stop learning to tickle your fancy--just for a while,
friend of mine, Alice, invites your kids to London
Have fun!

Situated on Blandford Street this franchise welcomes you with the fun and playful décor of giraffes as soon as you come through the door. This is a good location to visit if you are like most families and looking for a place that fits your budget. This inexpensive menu offers meals throughout the day including Mexican, breakfast items, ribs, burgers, chicken, and desserts. Those that have visited this location express how much they enjoy the 'built for children' atmosphere along with the excellent quality of the food. Staffs are noted to be very friendly and are not bothered in the least by energetic children.

-Pizza Express-

This cozy pizzeria on Baker Street has a warm décor of natural colors that invites you to take a seat. Offering salads, pasta and your favorite assortment of toppings for a pizza, this inexpensive location is a real crowd pleaser. Four out of five guests say that they had a great experience and would return again.


With three destinations in the heart of London, these convenient fast food locations serve breakfast, hamburgers, chicken, French fries, fish or egg sandwiches, and milk-shakes at affordable prices. With a menu of food kids often ask for, families are sure to enjoy this restaurant.

-Rainforest Café-

Upon entering you feel as if you've gained passage into a different world. Stationed on Shaftesbury Avenue, this tropical restaurant introduces you to special encounters through sound effects by well-known rainforest animals. Guests enjoy waterfalls along with periodic thunder and lightning accompanied with rain showers. The menu caters to individual tastes, along with offering many dishes that are for vegetarian diners. Children from all ages enjoy the ambiance this hideaway has to offer.

Most restaurants offer reservations. If available, this is recommended so you can ensure efficient seating for your family. Various locations now offer this through their websites as well. If you are visiting out of the UK and wish to have your own transportation, it is advisable to obtain an online driving licence. Be sure to research the countries requirements before your stay.

Whether you are in search of an inexpensive and quick meal or if you are looking for a more elegant dining experience, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for while visiting London that best suits everyone in your family.

Author’s BIO:  Alice Jerusha writes on various topics ranging from health related articles to travel and automotive articles. Right now, she's working on articles related to online driving licence.

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