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Thursday, February 20, 2014

SEO Tricks

Are you going to create your own website, but you don't know how to optimize it well? In this case the given post is the thing you need. My tips suit both to beginners and experts. I will try to help you in SEO optimization, avoiding rude mistakes, which users often make. Let’s consider the most important moments in this field.

1.Real visitors. As you know, Google tracks user’s activity more and more attentively. In order to convince it that your site is appropriate and actual one, you need to attract as many readers as it is possible. That is why pay a special attention to this important detail.

2. Meta description and title tags are the integral parts of the process. The title shouldn’t be big, not more than 60 characters. There is no any sense to make it volume, because in search the part of it won’t be shown. As for meta description, use not more than 160 characters for the same reason. The short and pithy one is the best variant.

3. Both title and description must be attractive for readers. It is known, that very often they choose the most interesting title among the first three results and don’t wish to look further. So your task is not only to appeal the attention, but to get into the first ranks as well. Don’t forget to use keywords in title and description, but don’t put in more than two of them. Don’t use similarities, because the Google spider will notice it at once. It is prohibited. Believe me: your success doesn’t depend on the quantity of keywords, as many SEO guys think.

4. Follow the title structure. The brand name follows only after page title, not vice versa. Such order has a good effect.

5. Add alt tags to the images, using primary keyword in one tag and secondary ones in the other tags. Alt tags must be appropriate and descriptive to the images. They have to explain the picture. It is worth doing, because very often users move to your website through these images, and if even one word is no actual, it can bring you to failure. 4-5 words are enough for one tag.

6. Headings need include the main words, which reflect the whole content. The primary keyword is put in the first heading, the secondary one is in the other heading.

7. The usage of keywords should be about 3-8%. The constant repetition of them won’t help you, but it can only aggravate the situation. It can become annoying for readers. Follow the balance.

8. Interlinking is a good method to deserve spider’s belief. It helps readers to travel through your website easily, to see all your web pages at once. It links all pages.

9. Create a sitemap for the same purpose, as the interlinking is for. It lets people to observe all your pages according to the pages’ URLs. Also it shows your updates and value of each page. Not all spiders believe it, but anyway put in the sitemap only true information. You will gain a good reputation.

10. External links are necessary as well. They serve as links to other websites. It increases the quality of your site. But these other sites should be with a similar topic, authority and good reputation. Don’t link to your own websites. It is usually punished by spiders.

11. Pay attention to the SEO URLs. Put the primary keyword in it. Users like it. And if you have a chance, use it in your domain name as well. You will become much more competitive at once.

12. Make a quality content. Check spelling, grammar before edition. Insert pictures, interesting facts, some additional functions. Use not less than 500 characters for one page.

13. If you don’t wish your web pages become dead-end at last, redirect all from this page to the homepage or some categories.

14. Update constantly your information, add, change it to leave it always actual.

15. Be active internet user, read more information about such kind of business and success will find you!

About the author: 

Melisa Marzett is a professional writer, who has a rich writing experience in various areas. She has traveled the world a lot, and now she has a great store of impressions, emotions, and new knowledge to share with you. Her articles are extremely interesting; she has the skills of attracting the reader. In order to contact with her, you may visit her personal account Google+ or her company

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to seo? (in a tickling way)

Did you know how to seo? I didn't until I found something that changed my mind. I said, yes I did. It's a two-year journey of blogging--a process and progess. The simple thing how to optimize your website on Google first page is to write something relevant to your web or blog contents and stick to the keyword(s).

And play with it, be an artist, just as what I do. I like tickle, tickling, tickling story, tickling article, tickling blog, tickle blogger or whatever tickle. Think about what attract attentions. I like celebrities (to tell the truth I don't know a few of them, but I just like to put the name here) Then there they are: tickle Britney Spears, tickle Katy Perry, tickled, tickling, ticklish whatever before the name of the famous.

Now you check on Google for those tickling keywords, especially tickling blogger, tickling blog, tickling article and tickling story--tickling can be replaced by tickle or tickled. It's mine, Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy on the first page of Google USA on the first or second row for the keyword tickling blogger, Check out other tickling things.

Now, if you have something in common with me, you can do as what I do with your own keyword. Otherwise if you don't have enough time to rank your website/blog to Google, be my guest --- hire me on You are selling something? you need a lot of visitors to your site or blog, and you may try something silly which is actually not! Be witty ...

Good luck guys.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Indonesian seo expert?

Who can change the following definition of SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results (Wikipedia). I think anybody can, as long as it  refers to the same perception, right?.

And who can get your blog or website to the first page of Google? Try an expert. There are many out there, including those coming from Indonesia, including me, myself.

Am I an Indonesian seo expert? Well, so far Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy promotes only comedy writings and illustrations including caricatures, comic strips and the like. However, you see the point here. That since I've found that there's not so hard competition there, I need to put my name on first page of Google as an Indonesian seo expert ; this is my chance to prove you that I am a credible Indonesian seo expert.

Now that you find the link there on first page of Google leading here, so you make sure of yourself that I am the right person for you to hire for your seo project. A tickling blogger with a tickling blog who is consistent with tickle or tickling keyword, how about that?

Nothing to lose to entrust the artist, he has of a sense of ''art!''

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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