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Friday, September 28, 2012

Stories for all ages

The contents of this blog are all decent and even safe for children to read. The tickling stories available here are none to tell about man tickling woman tied up in bed and tend to lead many to sexual fantasies. Maybe you find it is weird when you try to get the point seriously but later you get nothing but only distractions. As its name, Mr Nurman learns to tickle your fancy, its about a man who is learning to create tickling stories, writing, news and the like. Unfortanately, up to now I am not sure of the real meaning of me tickle your fancy; is it that I'm trying to make you like my writings. Put me into your own tickling story as dummy. Lol.

My children are save here, Mr. Nurman?
About me, the author, I have never been abroad, only know less what west culture is all about and the way humor is applied there perhaps follows oriental style. Many of the celebrities written here I don't know them well, surely hardly ever watch them acting or singing. I've got them from browsing, thanks to Google, Yahoo or Bing, and only recently that I know I need to visit the trend talked about anything on the internet frequently. Hope there some tickling inspirations there, especially stories. Here is the "weird" blog belongs to the man who learns to tell jokes by writing or rewriting as what is considered tickling stories or something.

All of celebrities and public figures written here are part of parody and by no means to offend them personally. If it is called a tickling blog from its silly contents, weird stories, maybe people need to know the history of the make of this blog. The initiative of  me focusing on tickling stories is that I believe people everywhere in the world need something to tickle their fancy.Everyday we need to listen or tell stories one another, right?

A glimpse of the distractions

Do you consider a tickling story is a fact rewritten in an amusing way? Parody, satire, inlcuding the distraction of  any serious topics people talk about. Katy Perry, for example. Here are a few that you can find what I may call as tickling stories of Katy Perry as distraction. The famous singer who once came to Indonesia and (I just knew her from the internet the day before her concert began here). There goes the silly idea::"why didn't the promoter tell me about her arriving here?" And Justin Bieber, the most searched on the Internet, what's a tickling story about him? You name it. For his doll, song lyric to his you tube world record. All are many more to be considered tickling stories

Keep up with Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy and enjoy more and more tickling stories which never stop tickling your fancy. Anyway, when will that $ 1 billion send to my bank account?

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