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Friday, June 12, 2015

How To Stop From Being Bored? Tickle Your Fancy Here

There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from being bored, at home, online, anywhere. One is visit this tickle your fancy blog over and over again and get entertained here for free. One for example of one tickling article, you never believe tickling news talking about hatred between Obama and Clint Eastwood. You see every where the media write: President Obama is still a fan of Clint Eastwood. Well, this is out of date, anyway.

how to stop yourself from being bored at home, online, anywhereObama is underlined in this tickling post

But that's not the point. You can have some refreshment and soon "get back to your senses." Let's continue with this out of date article: The president, in an interview with USA Today, suggested he was not offended by the actor's performance during the closing night of the Republican National Convention -- in which Eastwood engaged in a one-man repartee with an empty chair meant to represent Obama.

So in order to be free from boredom, you must stop thinking about something out of date as useless. Be it at home, online, anywhere, you must be free from bad mood. 

Here is another out of date. The President of the United States, Barack Obama who used to live in Jakarta and now has already sent his troops to Afghanistan, has never been told that Peter Parker who came to the capital of Indonesia last week is covering the Bank Century case which now has become byword of the country.

Peter was standing on garbage clogging the Manggarai sluice gate in South Jakarta this December 1st, driving curiosity among passersby.

“Hey, what’re you doing there? It’s the city authorities’ concern not yours,” somebody cried out at him. "Stop doing stupid things! Are you getting bored with life?"

“This has occurred for decades!” the man kept shouting.

Peter didn’t respond. To his surprise, the man talking to him pointed a stick at him. And as Peter stared at him, he became restless and offended. Quickly he let out a mobile phone of his pocket and started to call Obama.

“Mr. President, you’re not going to believe this,” he whispered. “An Afghanistan rebel is here, scavenging up there!”

How about that? Doesn't sound like something to tickle your fancy? How about creating one here, give me a suggestion of how to prevent yourself from being in a bad mood at home, online, anywhere. Well, when you get bored with politics, at least this is a bit amusing, don't you think?

Well, Next: Is Obama Muslim? Stop guessing! It's really out of date, getting late to wake up! It's a boring topic. But check out these 2 Funny Reasons which might tell yes, he is, or no, he isn't, or maybe. Yes, he has Hussein after his name. But wait, that's only when people misunderstand it. What is a name? What is so funny with Paula Abdul having surname abdul. She's not a Muslim. The surname Abdul doesn't have clear meaning. It needs Noun after it. If it's Abdullah, it means servant of god, and that declares a name of Muslim.

Well, if the out of date stories above are not enough when it comes for you to find the answer of how to prevent yourself from being bored, just take it easy. Be it at home, online, anywhere, life is so miserable? Don't worry, you haven't explored all the contents of this tickle your fancy blog. I'll give you 34563 minutes to search and stick to this blog and afterwards you may compose your own article entitled:

How To Stop From Being Bored at home, online, anywhere? Help me, still can't find a solution! WHAT?!!!

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