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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Teaching English By Phone, Skype? Worth A Try!

What makes learners of English language feel frustrated studying English? Having non-native and weird accent teacher? Boring material? Mostly brainwashed with grammar and this has become a must that they must elaborate it and have to be perfectly correct, and that without this English will not sound as it is? How about a long distance learning?

Perhaps most people prefer using Skype to have a class online, but in case they don't really comfortable with each other frequent face-to-face session, and that video call makes Internet connection get slower, studying and teaching by phone is a worth try. Okay, this time I won't tickle your fancy with a silly story of celebrities and the like. Instead I would like to share a story about my experience of how I realized that video call on Skype is only for an introduction session. After that your voice and ear will effectively work.

teaching english by phone, skype
My friend forwarded his student to-be to me as he was not well prepared teaching her Bahasa Indonesia. This pretty Serbian woman living in Amsterdam started to learn with me by Skype and as what I usually do teaching by phone, we finally focused on ear and voice. Speaking and listening, that's the point. Long distance class doesn't really need such formula much. You, teacher, should lead your student to the real life situation. This is what we call functional approach. It's the method which requires you to repeat some phrases that you hear or listen again and again and that you get used to it.

Not quiet different from what I do here that I mostly tickle your fancy by silly contents, English is fun especially if you are good at Tongue Twister. Traditional method on phone won't do any good. But drilling and try as best as you can to pronounce things as precisely as the native speakers do, that's Brilliant. This is a great way of teaching. No classroom session, you can do it while lying in bed, walking down in the park, on the train the way you talk with anybody on the line. What you need to concern is your connection and the provider, this must be well prepared.

In big busy cities where people generally cannot attend a class, learning by phone or Skype is highly recommended. Jakarta, Indonesia for example, where most of the people cannot speak English, for it is a foreign language, this kind of teaching is very helpful.

You guys starting a career in any other countries, especially those coming from the none English-speaking countries can copy me. Below is my strategies to build my own business to boost a side income

  • Set your target, decide your rate and give a few-minute lesson trial from your cellphone or Skype. You must be able to "sell yourself." Prove it you can pronounce things as precisely as native speaker. and you have a great method like Communicative Approach.
  • Create a blog or site, not necessarily the one with hosting--you can do it with free blogspot or wordress and create some contents related to your skill.
  • SEO is very crucial, you need to outdo your competitors. Find something smart and witty entry like "Looking for a cheap English course? We have it." First, You have already calculated all, that off course it will bring benefit to you.
  • Not necessarily promote bluntly English by phone learning--not so many people are familiar with it, they have been comfortably learning with conventional way; you need to convince your student to-be that this system is more effective and efficient besides cheap.
  • Have a great negotiation skill, make sure they pay you completely in advance by Bank transfer or Paypal, etc, and make sure of them that you won't cheat them. Gradually collect some testimonies from your previous student and put them on the site or blog to let public know.
  • Once you have few students learning with you on the line and in case that that there would be more, you must be able to manage your time or set time allocation so that they get their right of good service.
Well, that's all that I can share. Hopefully you can do your best. Good luck.

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