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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reborn and Ready to Tickle Your Funny Bone Again

Glad to be reborn and ready to tickle your funny bone again.

As we can write anything we want here I'd like to write about my hiatus. Why it takes so long for me to update a content. That's because I couldn't tickle your funny bone as I was not born yet. What does it mean. Well, the Internet is unpredictable market for bloggers and anybody making money here cannot always get what he wants.

I claimed once to be an owner of a tickle your fancy blog, but out there people just don't really engage with silly things. They need to be told, advised and useful tips to improve their lives. When you reborn, that's the time for you to change your mindset, not only entertaining people around, but also give them values. It's more than tickle your fancy or funny bone. It's a temptation, it's a desire and it's the source of living for anybody who like to see other living longer.

Glad to tell jokes despite they're not always funny.

The point is how to tell others that they deserve entertainment and information as well. When you come here and over and over again as a newcomer, I'd say thank you very very much. When you come back and feel relieved, I'm so glad that I was reborn healthy and humorous and am always happy to tickle your fancy or tickle your funny bone.

Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy, hopefully will still become one of your favorite blogs and what I need is feedback in case you need more than jokes or silly things.

Well, as we grow up we try to get rid of bizarre out of mind. However, a childlike side in us, that's permanent, you're no more an elderly man with a great smile pretending to be a young guy. We will keep telling you spoof and not to distract you from the focus of what you read, we also gives valuable lesson and tutorial for you.

Thank you for reading and good luck everyone.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

17 Tickle Fancy Readings To Kill Time

how to kill time
How to kill time when you happen to be here and don't know where to go next? Don't worry, only for this post, I am changing the theme of this tickle fancy blog in order to help you cope with boredom. Relax, take a deep breath and have a cup of coffee, enjoy your time.

17 readings are more than enough to get you out of stress, I believe, so here's Mr. Nurman shows you how to kill time instead of learns to tickle your fancy. Cool, right? For newcomers, I will let you know, this blog is not for you to laugh out loud. It's made hopefully to refresh your mind after a long tiring day.

So here are the 17 reading links to help you kill time. They include tips, product reviews, celebrity and public figure spoofs and so on. Hope the whole things here can help you cope with stress or tickle your fancy.

1. Why Clark Kent Didn't Come To The Classroom?
2. Why Your Soul Mate Looks Weird?
3. Why Robocop Hates Celebrities Having Plastic Surgery?
4. Why Obama Has To Wait Before Converting To Islam?
5. Should A Blogger Tickle Your Fancy Before Going To Bed?
6. Is It A Stupid Way To Get Traffic To A Blog?
7. Your Hair Let You Down In Florida?
8. Ever Heard Justin Bieber Would Outdo Mike Tyson?
9. How To Kill Time In Bed With Some Nightmare
10. What's wrong With This Tickle Fancy Trick Photography?
11. Who's The Chef Hired By David Beckham?
12. Johnny Depp's Secret Revealed?
13. The Day Brad Pitt Hates Eating Bread
14. Nicolas Cage's Debt Paid By Who?
15. Gwyneth Paltrow To Take To Dangdut Song
16. Tickle Quotation Definition
17. Do You Believe A Blogger Is God?

Well, everyone, thanks for killing time here. For more amusing articles, bookmark this page, subscribe to it, and/or don't forget to follow or like my Facebook page. Thanks.

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