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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tickle Fancy Writing List, 4 Useful Information For You

tickling writing
Believe me, this banner is just too much!
The tickle fancy writing list below is not only to amuse you, but also to "pinch" you if you admit to being a serious man. This blog has what is so called spoof, parody or satire. However, for some reasons, jokes are not necessarily to be highlighted here that force people to laugh out loud. People are looking for everything they need on the Internet. They hate to be lulled to sleep distracted by a parody. So, let's help them with some useful and helpful information they need to know.

1. Where To Find A Great Retirement Community For Your Parents? This is not a tickling question should annoy you, especially when you are tied up with your routine and currently feeling the under-pressure job. This is a writing of no joke that old people in the family need to be pleased; we should be willing to take care of them no matter how busy with we are. Paying back your parents at the end of their lives should start from now on. Agreed? So, no big laugh!

2. How to reserve your diabetes? There's no funny video about a man suffering this disease killing himself by fasting the whole day. And if you don't find this as a tickling writing, just finish eating at least 2 to 3 hours before bed even though you're not suffering such a disease. Lol.

3. A Very Unique Way To Get Traffic To Your Blog. How to? First, as recommended by many writers all over the world, you must create a quality content first. And after that you contact a famous writer named Jon Winokur and ask him to tweet your content. Whoops, sounds weird, heh? Will that work? Sure, it's one of the unique ways to get traffic to your blog. But believe me, this writing won't tickle your funny bone at all.

4. Happy Birthday, Sis! No Fat Bulges Anymore! Birthday present for your sister? Think about being a savior; give something tickling to please her in her special day. It's not the right time to give her Barbie doll as you know she's stubborn to diet and exercise.And besides you cannot just yell at her, "Stop being glutton!"

What do you think of the above underlined writings before you click the links? One thing for sure, spoof should not distract you from searching for the things you need badly to solve your problem, right? You might find some inspiration there, just check it out.

That's all for today, everybody. Thanks for visiting this tickle fancy blog.

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