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Thursday, December 12, 2013

What To Do When Getting Bored Blogging

what to do when you get bored blogging
When you get bored blogging, try to get some inspirations from the superheros below and please remember: tomorrow never dies. And please don't do such stupid thing like swinging from one building to another unless you're bitten by a radiated or contaminated spider that enables you to do superpower things in life.

And if you think the fancy of being a superhero is such a silly thing to do in order to cope with boredom, consider another bright side of it. Be a superhero and get things done. Does it sound crazy? What is this post about, anyway, there I go again: tickle fancy spoof? Not really!

You'll find the way to cope with your boredom. Those superheros might help you back to your blogging activities and refresh your mind. Just check it out:

Wear his helmet and get inspired. After you have already been in your stoic state, prepare your weapon, that is your finger, put in on the keyboard and type: I am luckier than Robocop, he is confined there in the can, I am only not in a mood writing. I can kill my boredom soon

  • Hulk 
Bully your ownself, get irritated, so that your skin turns greener and greener, and as you get bigger and bigger and angrier and angrier, yell your emotion, "sure, I can find some other way to make money blogging. It's just a matter of time. If other can do it, why can't I? I might join some outreach or something!"

  • Captain America
Now since you have a shield, protect yourself from all distracted make quick money scheme, rid all those addicted entertaining games you like to play the whole day to kill time and stop wasting your time on social media joking around. Get back to your blog and find some super crazy ideas to help you back to your senses.

  • Superman
Perhaps the strongest superhero ever, be as strong as him. Play your imagination. Get back browsing, fly high around the world and find something to inspire you writing. Use your mood power, penetrate the wall of boredom, tickle your fancy more here if necessary before you spread the world your unique content to-be. Lol.

  • Spiderman
The real webmaster! No, it's not such stupid thing like swinging from one building to another as written above. Your unique content now ready to be linked and you have your web to net on the blogosphere.

How about that? Not enough to help you cope with boredom? Okay, now go to the bathroom and wash your face.

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