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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cameras to tickle your fancy

There's a hidden camera to catch corrupters, the camera which cannot be silent. It talks and talks and talks. Don't you believe me? It says, "say no to corruption!" Again and again.

There's also a spy camera to keep up with your activities in case you intend to misappropriate the fund of the company where you work at. The spy camera can sing. You think I'm kidding you? This is how the song goes, "You are not alone. I am here with you ..."

I believe none of the optional cameras above you are eager to take to make you a famous person. Instead you get rid of them or sell them in case you're broke What you need is a video camera, a conventional or the more sophisticated one. Okay, now give me all your hidden cameras, naughty boy! Or my mom will shoot you! Lol.

A camera is a useful tool which can make you famous if you wish. Today access to popularity is easy, right? Just broadcast yourself on you tube and soon you follow Justin Bieber's step to success. Isn't that too easy? Only if you are sure and have a strong will.

Well, videotaping everything is fun. Just buy a blackberry, I-phone, digital camera and so on, and you can go everywhere taking pictures of everything you like. Okay, wait, while you're taking a photograph, I'll check out if my hidden camera has already caught another corrupters here in my country, Indonesia.

What?! You set a camera in my bathroom? I'm 99 years old!

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