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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tickling Moment?

Whatever you say, this picture doesn't say: I know what you did last summer. But it might say so, depending on how you perceive it. If you think the man face covered is mean, he can be a killer as well. You ask for that! No, far away from that; it's not a series of a thriller. It's a tickling moment that everybody can have anytime they want. And the man hiding his face, is he sadistic? No way, he does that that's because he can't stand the air conditioner there in an office room.

Beware, you can get absorbed. It's a tickling moment that you can get into a deep sleep and soon you forget where you are. It's a lovely music you share with a friend. You might forget you're having an appointment with your client, or about to see your boss. Surely, you are trapped in this ridiculous situation.

Ridiculous? It's something more than a tickling moment. It's when you get fed up with your routine and feel like doing something silly, right?

Well, not recommended to do this at home, sharing earphones at your idle time. It's not funny, especially when you're broke. To kill time? Well, this is a weird tickling moment bored employees would like to do at work.

A glance, that's horrible!

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