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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Things Not To Do To Be a Great Man

In order to be an outstanding person, you have to measure your own self; your own expertise, fondness and goal in life. It is not recommended that you become a sissy while you're leading a meeting for the first time in your life. Or you cry out on the street claiming that you can outdo Arnold Schwarzenegger when it comes to body building. Do you want to add some muscles to show it off to your angry boss?

There you go again, Mr. Nurman,  Sure, I get bored writing about something serious, for this won't upgrade my income. Nobody will come to me asking me a favor to write about finance, or gadget or fashion and so on and so on, but anyway, seriously you just cannot do these 5 stupid things in order to be somebody, a person that many people adore. Forget about disjointed context. 

The don'ts

1. You wear a mask to school or office and the mask is one hundred percent similar to Spider-man's.
Even if you're sure you have some blessed super power and you want to confess that you are a strong man, this is a stupid thing to do to humiliate yourself.  
Look who's crazy now ...

2. Great people never beg for nothing, so don't beg, even if you have no money. Perhaps, you just can close your eyes in case you get laid off from your company and you're totally broke, you can start dreaming of having a bowl of noodle. Pretend that this noodle is food from heaven. Please chin up ...

3. Dance but without a great deal of people around. If you just wanna dance because you want to entertain yourself it is okay if you do it while sleeping. Do it seriously and better not have that fancy that you spontaneously become a Bollywood star and that everybody on the street turn to be dancers, to sing and dance with you. Absolutely, this is such a stupid thing to do and that won't make you a great man. 

4. No alcohol, no drug and so on. If you get drunk, you may become a great person for a while but your shadow will slap you in the face and will you feel sorry to see it cry all night long because of your addiction? Please don't wet the bed for this. 

5. Never feel sorry to revisit this blog in order to tickle your fancy. No matter what your status is, profession, ethnic and religion, you are welcomed here to be a great man. Sure, I'll treat all my guest as a king. So, anyway, what would you like to drink Your Majesty?

What?! You want to wear that Spider-man mask, instead? And beg for money, dance on the street, get drunk and decide never ever visit this blog?

Well, you're not a girl, not yet a woman, who's crazy now?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sis! No Fat Bulges Anymore!

happy birthday
Happy birthday, sis, no fat bulges anymore!
First, rid of your fear, that even after wishing a happy birthday to your older sister, she will still bully you again. Forget about that wildly childish behavior. Think about being a savior; give something to please her in her special day. It's not the right time to give her Barbie doll as you know she's stubborn to diet and exercise.And besides you cannot just yell at her, "Stop being glutton!"

Instead, go whisper to her ear, say this magic keyword to her current problem when she's online: Coolsculpting Fort Lauderdale. First, she just stands there in awe. But you bet, next she might run to the mirror and say, "Mirror, mirror and the wall, will there be a prince come to me and give me a solution to my fat problem?"

It's not really like that. But, you know the point, right? No matter what form of package you are going to present to her, just make sure that she understands your words. For this, you don't have to convince her that her body will naturally and permanently eliminate the fat cells over a period of 3 months.

Just sing, Happy Birthday, and she'll find the solution to her problem, agreed? 

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