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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wedding Dance: Get People Moving

When it comes to celebrating your big day, you want everyone dancing, right? Choosing wedding music that encourages people to throw aside their inhibitions and move out to the dance floor can be challenging, but with the right music, it's far from impossible. You don't even need alcohol to help.

Find a DJ

The best way to select wedding music is to hire a DJ. These guys are trained and they know how to sense the crowd so they can get them on the floor. The good ones have thousands of songs at their fingertips. That means they can avoid the songs you don't want played, like that song you danced to in high school that you never want to hear again, but they can also play the songs you love. They have the most current songs, but they can also play some of the older hits to get your grandparents to take a swing or two and the romantic songs for all of the couples.

wedding danceCreate a Playlist

A playlist allows you to put together hours of music so the evening runs smoothly and you don't need to be searching frantically for the next song, which could create long gaps in-between songs.

Start by selecting dinner music. Many people play Sinatra, or jazz, but if you both love show tunes, play those.

Then, select a song that people can't help dancing to for the first song to start the dancing - something upbeat and contemporary is the best bet. Play some upbeat songs and then follow it with a slow, romantic song or two. Many people won't stay on the dance floor once the upbeat music stops, so you'll want to bring them back on after they have a short break with a song that requires dancing. They'll forget they ever left. After 6 or 7 upbeat songs, play a slower song again. Repeat as needed.

Group Participation

The Macarena, the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey... they're all cheesy. But they get everyone involved. And if other people are looking like idiots, most people don't mind looking so foolish themselves. It's a clever way to sneak people onto the dance floor.

If you're using a DJ, make sure to tell him or her if there are any songs, particularly group songs, that you just don't want played.

Choosing a Wedding Band

If you love the idea of live music, a wedding band could be right for you. Make sure the band can provide a variety of music and covers most of your favorite songs. If they play just one type of music, they may not be the best choice for a wedding. AS if you can hear them play before you book them and see how they do with a crowd.

The Bride Said, "Dance"

No one is more powerful than the bride. Request that everyone dance - and have the attendants encourage people to dance, even if it's just for a song or two. The more people who are having a good time, the more fondly they'll remember your day and your party.

The ideal wedding music is a mix of upbeat, romantic, fast and slow that'll appeal to a variety of people. When you hit the right note, the party will go on and on and on.

Contributor: Sally Smith.

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