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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weird blogs, a recommendation

The following are the weird blogs containing parody or spoof of celebrities, occasion, products, sports and so on recommended for you. They are almost similar to each other, but only different in design. All use free blog provider. Check out the silly contents there.

1.  Entertainment is weird

Celebrity spoof coverage: It is reported that Emma Watson once traveled to Uganda, exploring the dessert for a hidden treasure, accompanied by a monkey. It is due to her dropout that she decided to do unusual thing far far away in Africa. Is it weird? What a parody! Next, Tiger Woods, tired of playing golf he decides to make money with Google Adsense. Unfortunately, he doesn't include sport on this blog; instead he writes a lot of content about dolls for toddlers.

2. Once Upon a Time

The things that need to be done besides advertising promotions are as follows:

1. When shaking hands with a man you first meet. say, "if you have a case that I can handle?"
2. When the person is asking about you, say that you are not selling something but offering something
3. When the person has a problem with his marriage life say that you are not the angel of savior, you are just an ordinary person who wants to help others. 

The passage above quoted from this weird blog talking about lawyer advertisement. Just don't believe such a parody.

It's out of context that bananas will help Britney improve her voice and it is absurd to say it is good as supper after any concert she has had. But it is so amazng to know the fact that people hate Britney. Off course, there's nothing extraordianary about it. There people love you, and there people who don't. Another weird one, it's a blog about celebritiy parody, something to tickle your fancy or funny bone.

Remember when Lindsey was in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe? it's not necessary that you pretended to be her fans just to take her picture as paparazzi. I was not there to cover the news either and put down some spoof here. Let the world laugh, that'll be best if there's something funny to share with, even though none of them making jokes out of life. It's not wrong to credit a weird blog for For Parody Only, don't you think?

Now, It's odd or no, you decide. If you have anything elase to share here, or another different point of view based on your own opinion, please comment below. Thanks.

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