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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Top Custom Whiteboard Animation Artist Is Nowhere But In Your Room!

The best custom whiteboard animation artist gives much of his time to succeed your project. He lives not far from your place but possibly you'll get him coming from different continent. You know what that means. Everybody has access to the internet and you can get one from home, without worrying about getting trapped in traffic jams. Life is getting easier, thanks to the Internet!

What kinds of presentations would you like to have, anyway? About political issues, some tricky games corruptors manipulate the budget? Or about how to dress well that without a suit you still can even be a movie star? Or pure business to promote your product or other related presentation? You must look for the Top Actor, an animator who provides unique custom whiteboard animation video and don't really care about some are making money from drawing hobby, you bet! The world gives many options as to how to select and shortlist your candidates. Everybody will claim that in his hand everything is gonna be like magic, nothing to worry about. This man will bring your boring presentation to life and he says he will make a quick delivery.

Then you come to offer drafts and just let him do the best for you, wishing for a marvelous artwork. That’s all; you are hoping to see the result as per your expectations. Here is the performer who gives custom drawings, original hand drawn whiteboard animation video. But, the work turns out to be far from what you really want and says that this man is selling nonsense. No quick delivery as promised, instead, he’s getting mad of you and accused you of becoming a dreamer! What’s wrong?

Too many people expect to much that the artist whom they hire can be a magician. But even if there’s a claim the world has the best man who can do anything for you, he’s only human, no body is perfect. You want something amazing to make your work stand out from the crowd but animation it’s like building a house, you must prepare well your blueprint. You need custom whiteboard animation, but the animator needs also your input to split to the white page. You cannot slave him to make revision per revision as much as you want because you don't know what you really want and make experiments instead; for some reason it’s not totally his fault.

if you’re looking for the best person for your project, make sure you provide as best as you can all the requirements needed and split it to a storyboard. There’s a guidance to follow. Not only your instruction is  much helpful to him but also to yourself to make you a realistic person. You just cannot blame others unless you look at ourselves.

Top whiteboard animation services scatter everywhere in the Internet. Animators outnumber them. You can find the best artist for your customized video as you wish. If you happen to come across this tickle your fancy site and think I am the right person to do your job, it’s a pleasure. Let’s rock and have yours to stand out from the crowd later. Anyway, you don’t have to kick out your boring presentation after reading this. Good luck.

best custom whiteboard animation artist

Monday, March 27, 2017

5 Unique Whiteboard Animations On Fiverr Using Different Hand

Here is the list of 5 unique whiteboard animations that you can find on Fiverr, recommended for those who want to have something different for their presentation and business promotion purposes.

The videos use different hand from what you can see there at most of the gigs sold. And the most important thing, it uses custom drawing, no library images!

If you go to Fiverr, nearly all of the whiteboard videos look or go on the same style as the hand is taken from the same software and the images are too, in addition to this, among the gigs there, the sellers provide the same bundle of stock images if these are not available in their software library.

For cheap rate you will have something common and so so, and to make it stand out from the crowd, off course you need a custom drawing one.

Just in case you want something fun and viral these 5 unique videos are highly recommended, you can choose either one of them.

But ... Why Whiteboard?

Whiteboard animation is effective to boost your sales and it would be better to present your business using original source. Since it is visual and animated, off course, it's gonna be fun. People of all age like video. Rather than thinking seriously of such business promotion with glossy screen, they feel entertained. They may get a sheet of paper and put an idea there. The doodle might lead to the first answer to how effective it is to promote your products through this media. If you upload the video on YouTube such a thing might be viral, depending on how you make up your video.

It is what most people use today instead of using conventional presentation like PowerPoint and so on. If you hate thinking long about a boring presentation, static charts or diagram or bullets, you may try this media to get as much as costumers you want.

Okay, guys, that's all; consider these Unique Whiteboard Animations below where you can find on to match your homepage color theme or business sense as you can embed it anywhere you like.

1. Cool Cartoon or Doodle
unique whiteboard animation video on fiverr

2. We create it as per your request

3. A sketch unique presentation is here

4. Colorful Video Explainer, here it is!
unique colorful whiteboard video on fiverr

5. More option for colorful whiteboard video

Good luck, see you on Fiverr!

Friday, December 30, 2016

What Makes Animated Explainer Videos Such a Great Marketing Tool?

Digital marketing has exploded in the last 10 years and, today, it has become a more valuable method of advertising than traditional marketing channels. Furthermore, this industry is expected only to improve and grow in the future. This is why a lot of business organizations have started investing more in digital marketing.

Digital advertising is more available, measurable, and can be targeted in a much better way. You can focus on the exact target audience you want, to ensure that your advertising material is seen by people who might have interest in it.

Digital marketing can include various mediums, like text, images, and videos. Visual content is currently the strongest form of advertising, with the emphasis on videos. This form of content has the most potential for attracting the attention of consumers and engaging them. Today, we will talk about animated explainer videos, which are some of the most effective video forms in marketing.

How are animated explainer videos different? 

Animated videos in general are quite engaging, compelling, entertaining and visually appealing. But, when it comes to explainer videos, the biggest advantage is not in their animations, backgrounds, characters or customized colors. Their greatest value is their story.

Liked I mentioned before, text is a tricky business, as most people won’t bother to read something and this leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation. Explainer videos completely remove the guessing part and they effectively explain the core functions and general uses for certain services or products.

Simply put, people will understand your services or products better when they have a video of someone talking and explaining everything to them. Animated explainer videos also use professional animations to enhance their message and bring business organizations and what they have to offer to their potential customers.

Basically, they have the same traits like regular explainer videos, but they are much more versatile and they can be used to promote any products or services, if the animators know how to do their jobs professionally.

Why is animation effective? 

It’s true that animated explainer videos are only one form of video marketing; however there are a lot of reasons why a business should choose these types of videos to market themselves. In some cases, getting real actors is better, but animated explainer videos have their advantages as well.

For example, if your business works on building websites and wants to present how important it is to optimize the site for mobile users, you will have to show some studies and figures in your video, to show that mobile consumers are very important and that it’s essential that they have a great experience, as any other visitor. You cannot do this if you don’t have any animations. Literally any information can be presented virtually through animation and this is the key advantage.

Vivid animations, combined with interesting cartoons can invoke strong emotions, while setting a unique atmosphere where viewers are focused on the video constantly and kept engaged. This means that emotion is added to the mix, which enhances the effect you want to achieve.

Your buyer persona can relate to your animations 

Before creating your own video that can represent your business, products, or services the best possible, you need to understand your target audience. Once you’ve done your research, use the important information you have gathered to create a typical buyer persona which would be interested in your business and what you have to offer.

Once you have drawn a picture of your customer and created a buyer persona, you should create an animated character that can be appealing to that person. He or she should have similar problems, questions, choices, and interests.

This is how people will feel connected to the character talking to them and they’ll identify with him or her. This connection will create trust, and that’s what’s most important.

These videos can help you improve conversion rates, make your website visitors stay longer on your website and browse through your services. Additionally, if you share videos through social media and they become viral, you can even attract greater traffic to your website.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why Whiteboard Animation Should be a Big Part of Your Branding Strategy

The field of marketing is always changing and we are witnessing many developments in this industry. With digital marketing getting so popular lately, many new trends have come into play. The diversity and potential of all these advancements has made it possible for businesses to design quite effective and diversified marketing strategies.

Whiteboard animation, being one of them, has become a very popular medium in the modern marketing industry, especially when building a brand identity. Many marketing agencies and businesses recognized its various potentials. Here are some of the reasons that made whiteboard animation/videos an inseparable part of every serious marketing effort and branding strategy.

Make Sure That your Message is Heard

The main reason why businesses invest in branding is to establish that special emotional connection between their establishment and the customers. This goes beyond all the benefits and other perks your customers will experience when using your company’s products or services. A successful branding strategy has to be able to affect the bond between the customers and the company. In other words, it has to inspire them to start caring for the company.

Some of the commonly used elements in whiteboard animation are logos and custom themes. And, this type of animation is exactly what can make the prospects associate the messages found in videos with the business establishment. The visual appeal of whiteboard videos is different than the ones found in common video ads. This is why more and more companies tend to spice up their branding game with this type of animation.

Better “Brand Boost Interest”

One of the characteristics of a successful branding strategy is that it has to be put into action and be able to affect prospects well before they have even considered making a purchase. This is a very sensitive step that comes right before the purchasing decision is about to be initiated and whiteboard animations are exactly what businesses are using to build confidence.

Generating interest in your prospects’ minds is known as “boosting brand interest”. With this in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many branding strategy agencies outsource the animation process to studios specialized in whiteboard animation. With whiteboard animations, companies can precisely control what they want to put out there. This way, a branding strategy can be planned down to every little detail.

Furthermore, companies can continue using the same whiteboard video for many other occasions, thus lowering the total cost of the entire marketing strategy.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With the competition being so hard and the markets being so volatile and oversaturated, marketing efforts and branding strategies have to help the business get in a better position and establish an ongoing and wide influence. In order to achieve this, businesses have to come up with unique content – whiteboard animations are the right solution in this case.

They can be used to, in the subtlest of ways, distinguish a company’s products or services from the competition. This is why we can see more and more whiteboard animations presenting a product and service with all of its unique features and explaining what benefits it brings into the prospect’s everyday life.

Provide Upfront Value

Whiteboard animation is commonly used to educate prospects and inform them of the new products and services that are about to become available on the market. But, what’s more important, every whiteboard video also contains fragments where companies emphasize what they have designed and how it is going to help customers. By providing upfront value of their products and services, companies also build a respectable brand image, which leads to getting increased credibility with the audience.

This credibility is really important when a potential customer decides where to make a purchase. Whiteboard videos can be the factor that sways them to turn to your establishment.

As you can see, there are many benefits to making whiteboard animation part of your marketing and branding strategies. This type of animation can easily become a unique channel for communicating subtle and specific messages to customers. It also has the power to intrigue an average viewer to look further into the products and services of a company. If you want to expand your knowledge on this subject, feel free to read other online articles that cover branding strategies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Promote your business with whiteboard video, as urged by Clark Kent. Over the decades "Clark Kent" has been seen mostly as a disguise for Superman, enabling him to mix with ordinary people. Not only this, now he leads you all people to be here on for a review of business product. Let's say, how about hire an artist for your SVG, PNG, JPG files if you cannot draw images?

Clark Kent cannot fully fly. He thought of doing something useful to boost my business and your business as well. He would like to recommend anybody to expand business in Indonesia to think about starting promotion, either by outreach campaign or audio video promotion. Promoting business through whiteboard video would be great! Hire an artist would be recommended. Investor protection is relatively strong in Indonesia, ranking in the top 50 in the world. The government continues to recognize and uphold property rights of foreign and domestic investors, and there have been no overt expropriatory actions forced on investors in recent years. The 2007 Investment Law cemented this approach by opening major sectors of the economy to foreign investment.

Together with Clark Kent, an American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne may visit and recommend this site to all business people out there to get inspiration of how promotion should be done in fancy way and fun. This is an exceptional blog for artist for hire. And Whiteboard animation video could be one of the options for promoting business, so effective! It’s not a story that after witnessing the murder of his parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne as a child, he swore vengeance against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice. Wayne trains himself physically and intellectually and crafts a bat-inspired persona to fight crime. No, but there’s something like picture of it in vector or whiteboard animation works of any kinds of style.

Well, Mr. Nurman just learns to tickle your fancy here. One of artists for hire all over the world And Peter Parker agrees that while swinging on skyscrapers he can have some entertainment by visit this tickle your fancy blog presented not only for business people but for brokenhearted and especially for people with positive mind. Promote business with video for brokenhearted, what an idea! Sketch your story on whiteboard!

Do you believe in power of belief, don’t you? Lex Luthor will go against all kindness since he hates Superman very much. But he cannot stop people from visiting this site to review business product or just wanna have some fun with funny article to kill your time.

As a small business owner, you can only do so much yourself. Sure, early on, you’ll have your hands in the marketing, accounting, sales, and customer service, but as your company grows, you’ll need to find others who can help you take on some of these tasks

Let experts do what they do. While you may only be marginally good at updating your company’s social media profiles, a marketing consultant or agency does this for a living, so they’ll know better than you what tactics to use to get the best results. They can Promote your business with whiteboard video or anything related to online marketing,

They can do it faster than you. One of them is here man of talents, artist for hire, Muhammad Nurman

Monday, September 12, 2016

Special Offer This Month! Whiteboard Animation Video For Business!

Special offer for you this month, to boost your sales through video marketing. It's for one month only starting today 12 Sept 2014. Let me draw it for you in color, voice over and music background included. Use Whiteboard video. This sort of animation is very effective for online promotion.

Don't let your website be a museum. Or a cemetery. Or a home with termites everywhere. Think about grabbing attention at the first page, your home page. Create a story, create problems that your client crazily need to solve it. One, two, three or more. You provide the solutions and at the end you come for help as the only one solution maker on earth that they need. This is what we call call to action. Consider this special offer using whiteboard video to boost your sales before it's too late. Business needs visual. This is part of right-brain marketing stuff which include visual, questioning, storytelling and service. People of all ages like movie, cartoon, animation, etc so be there to stand out from the crowd!

Just make your audience get involved. According to a study in the UK in 2013, 56 percent of respondents give a "like" more video content than the content of texts or images. This proves the video content is able to make audience feel much more involved.

Whiteboard animation video for business is not new for global world, but maybe it is for you who just dropped by here. There are many people selling this service but mostly they just drag and drop images from the library. Some make custom drawings, including me. So this special offer gives you original work with reasonable price.

Here is a sort of video that you'll get.

In the marketing strategy, evoking emotions of consumers is proven to be able to increase consumer interest in using a brand or product. This emotional power is capable of changing into a potential consumer audience. So, naturally they become convinced to buy your products.

Who would have thought that to add video on a website can actually help increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google search. According to Comscore, the video content can boost your SEO content 53 times higher than an image or text. This of course can work well if you are able to make quality video content and is able to attract the audience.

So, the attraction starts from here. The special offer applies for one month only. Whiteboard Animation Video For Business by Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy!

whiteboard video for business, special offer!
Or alternatively click here for more detail if you're not sure where your money will go 

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