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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why I Hate Facebook

So sad to say why I hate facebook. It's not because I've got fewer friends responding to my status time by time, but it's more than that. The hatred comes from the subconscious mind. It's like an ingrained cancer. You cannot blame me for this.

As a germ, people just know me as microorganism, especially the one that causes disease. Why don't they use facebook to take a picture of mine and upload it there to let people know that I also need to show off, what do you call it eh, selfie? I hate it, because they don't let me take action on the catwalk.

why i hate facebookI really envy you guys having business there and having thousand likes. I need fans too, I need Chinese, Indians, British, Serbians, American to adore me. I really hate facebook which is unable to make me a star. I also want to be successful--rich and happy, don't you know about it? Why do you consider a germ is something to rid of?

You bet, I really want to create a group of mine--bacteria, bugs etc, not included. The group shall put my rank higher than just a bug. I hate to be rid of by man. Man should respect me as an honorable creature there on facebook. I hate to be underestimated. Why can't they read between the line.

You see the owner of this blog? I don't want to be like him, working hard for a couple of years for money but he's got only 50 facebook followers so far? And blog followers there to be displayed on and off, no new members in the past three years? Really hate to see such a useless effort. Unfortunately, as a germ I cannot help him at all. Even if I told him, "hey, Mr. Nurman, write about me, you'll get more likes automatically and more subscribers--that's silly, don't you think?

Okay, since you have human rights, I also like to fight for my germ rights. Just spread the world why I hate facebook, okay? And in return, I'll come back to where I belong--nonsenseness

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